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“In  my life I had very  few people who I ever let inside simply because I was scared to reveal myself. With your help I was able to learn to be intimate with me, with who I am as a being, as a person who is deserving to experience happiness. Now I can finally enjoy being happy and fulfilled in each and every moment and not feel guilty about it. Thank you Fran from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a blessing. I am watching my life unfold magically and see wonderful miracles happen in front of my eyes. With your help and coaching I am able to navigate my ship in the direction I want to go and know for sure I will arrive at my destination. For someone who had so much insight in who I really am and was able to help me arrive where I want to be in life – I am thankful that, for experiencing the wonderful results of your coaching.” 7/06

“Fran has been very instrumental to my personal and spiritual growth.  She helped me get rid of the voice inside me that would beat me up with negative comments.  Her hypnotherapy helped me through this and now I have a quiet mind and am more at peace.  She assisted me in discovering my true value, desires and helped me sort the path out to go after my dreams.  She is an excellent listener and really accommodated me during one of the toughest times in my life.  I am grateful that our paths crossed.” 5/07

“I thank god  for bringing you to me.. otherwise I would not be able to type this. Thank you Fran for helping me see the beauty inside of me when others refused to see it. I would not be able to handle the sticky situations and everyday challenges without your help and for that I am truly grateful.” 2/08

“Thanks to Fran, I am no longer a doormat and now believe I truly deserve to be happy. With Fran’s coaching, I got my power back. My career and relationships have completely turned around.” 4/08

“I learned through Fran, that telling the truth and accepting the consequences truly sets me free. I have grown significantly with her help” 12/04

“Fran was born to do this work.”

Geralyn Goodman, Author, 4/12

“Fran is so easy to talk to and provides a safe and calming environment, I never want to leave.”

H. J., Script Supervisor  7/06

“Fran is a professional nurturer and person extraordinaire” 6/12

“Fran has the knowledge, experience, charisma and the intuition that helped me to really grasp the many different aspects of my spiritual awareness. She knows how to convey understanding of situations, events, and coincidences that we all experience and question in our lives. She helped me come to terms comfortably to overcome the fear and anxiety I often felt with these experiences that caused me, at times, to question my sanity. You might say that Fran helped me become even more aware of my growing awareness.” 5/13

"It is my pleasure to introduce Fran Coleman, the first practitioner in my “Mind, Body and Soul Connection” spiritual center for our community.

I have come to know Fran in several different dynamics. She has been my patient, friend, spiritual counselor and a source of extreme comfort in stressful times. She is always consistent, reliable and there for her clients in a nurturing, direct and calming way.

I encourage you to give her a call to discuss anything that is keeping you from your goals and happiness. She instinctively knows what to say and how to help. Her goal is to get to the heart of matters quickly, so you can find the right path and move forward. She also works in conjunction with my practice and will continue to be involved in many ways."

Dr. Kennth D. Siporin 10/08

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Fran Coleman

Soulful Words To Live By

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