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My counseling process and goals:

It is never selfish to desire a better life. It is in fact necessary to love yourself first and learn how to receive before you can give to others. I can show you that the spiritual path gives you all the support and tools you could ever need. We never succeed beyond the size of our vision.

We all eventually have to work at changing old habits (self or environmentally imposed limitations) to adopt a new way of thinking and being. It takes time to release what holds us back and to give up trying to control things we cannot. Living from our heart space takes consistency and  patience.

It is important never to judge if others do not see things the way we do. The ability or non-ability only reflects where we are on our journey. A slight shift in perception can cause a tidal wave of change in your life.

Spiritual progress can be like climbing up a stairway. We can move up at our own pace one step at a time. There is no right speed or wrong speed. We can never really lose the progress, we just sometimes go down one step before we go up two.

Having entered into my spiritual enlightened path alone, it was very difficult. I want to be there for others to help and guide them along the way. It should not be an isolating experience and your new view of the world and your surroundings can be difficult to understand and sometimes impossible to discuss with those closest to you.

The world is going through massive energy shifts right now. This in turn effects us all. I help you find a balance; a way to rise above it all and feel good no matter what is on the news or on our streets. The truth is, you have the controls to look at the positive or the negative. What we project is what we get back in return.

Very often those moments in our lives that present themselves as the most difficult and challenging become our greatest opportunity to change for the better, especially with proper guidance.

I personalize every session and believe everyone needs their own space and time. This is a partnership when you work with me. I take it seriously,  provide a safe haven with non-judgmental support through life transitions, helping you  navigate toward your goals. I use a serious, yet warm and light-hearted approach to coaching and counseling making your progress and happiness the ultimate priority.

Learn visualization, grounding, self protection and meditation techniques right for you. Find your own course, follow your heart and soul, and embrace the real you.

I am here to help anyone curious or in need of a new and uplifting look at the world around you. I  work with those at all stages of spiritual development. I am here to give you the extra courage and comfort you need.

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